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From content to NFTs

Polkaplay enables users to create content, NFTs, and earn rewards with POLO token. Buy and collect the content you like or mint your content as an NFT and sell it on Polkaplay

Why Polkaplay?

Create, mint, tokenize, and share your talent with the world. Polkaplay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. An NFT marketplace for creators and users that offers advanced features like, Rewards Hub, POLO staking and more to the users for an amazing user experience.

Designed for Users

Use Polkaplay to create amazing content and share it easily across other platforms. Earn POLO tokens for creating content or by staking on the platform.

Mint Buy & Sell NFTs

Convert your content to NFTs and sell it to your followers or larger audiences by getting featured on our collection drops. You can also collect or buy your fav NFTs seamlessly.

Staking it easy

Staking POLO will allow users to participate in exclusive NFT drops from our collection & creators. Users can also participate in platform governance and earn returns from entry/exitfees.

Earn Rewards

Polkaplay works so you can rest. Rewards Hub enables users to track and redeem their earned tokens without any hassle.

Rewards Distribution

Staking vault will have 1% entry and 10% exit fee on each transaction. These fees will be redistributed to staking, farming, rewards, and marketing funds. Read the litepaper for more info.

Consistent Growth

Boost your visibility and monetize efficiently, POLO holders can also participate in NFT offerings. Using POLO tokens for upgrades and placing advertisements on Polkaplay platform will allow businesses and users to get discounts.


Total Supply1.8 B

POLO Ecosystem

Please read our Litepaper to understand how $POLO will be utilized in our ecosystem. To make it so that each post can be turned into an NFT and sold is the key to the future of monetization, and one of our top priorities.

Our gamified platform will also allow users to earn rewards by staking $POLO tokens. This will enable users to get early access to the content from their favorite creators and earn $POLO tokens as staking rewards, while creators will be able to monetize their content more effectively.

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Our Road map

Q2 2021

Platform MVP, Staking & liquidity mining pools,
Marketing & audits.

Q3 2021

Exchange listings, NFT drops,
BETA release, OpenSea integration.

Q4 2021

Partnership Expansion,
Platform gamification, Governance.

Q1 2022

Enhanced Mobile Apps,
Social Platforms Integrations, Rewards.